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just a few of our customers:

Real Estate
Xspaced ability to showcase our listings in virtually 360 degrees allowing the prospective principal to experience and discover the property as if they were actually there is amazing.

I just had a foreign buyer want to make a full price offer on one of our estate properties after using the Xspaced tour!
Markus Canter
Markus Canter
Luxury Properties Director @ Berkshire Hathaway Beverly Hills
Event Spaces
We host lots of events at Founders Space, and having the virtual tour embedded in our website makes it easy for potential partners to check out the venue and experience what it's like to be actually in the space.

Now that we have it, we can't imaging going back to simple photos. There's no comparison.
Captain Hoff
Captain Hoff
Founder @ Founders Space
Xspaced helps us show the Pork Store Cafe to patrons that are looking to host an event at our venue, without having them to actually come in to see it.

It really saves time for my team and our customers.
Art Herzallah
Art Herzallah
Owner @ The Pork Store Cafe

Xspaced tours are loaded with cool features

Free still photos for real estate agents

Still photography is a part of our real estate packages for FREE! All the photos will be integrated in your Xspaced tour

We will also send you a download link where you can get the stills in different resolutions to use for your mls listings, website or even print!
Property information

Info button

Address, main information about the property and phone number where your clients can reach you.

Email button

Your customers can send you an email directly from the tour.
Media Buttons

Menu/Photos buttons

Integrated menus to show case your food and drinks or photo galleries to show some cool previous events that you hosted.
Social Media

Social media and Yelp integration

Anyone can share your tours on social media and see what others are saying about your venue on yelp.

New feature (coming soon)

Every package includes monthly reports

Analytic Reports

Geo Location Reports

Demographic Reports

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